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Terms of Service


By participating in the savings card program you fully agree that RXPayout.com or Market Innovators Inc. makes no guarantees of any kind and cannot guarantee any specific result or financial impact. This is a customer permission approved coupon savings plan. By participating in this program you are responsible and liable to comply with all local, state, and federal laws, employer guidelines and issues.

RXPayout.com or Market Innovators Inc. makes no promises of how much money can be earned, or saved by each customer/client. All monies earned or saved vary per client.

RXPayout.com or Market Innovators Inc. will not be held responsible for any malicious actions and can terminate any and all written or verbal agreements with any client/customer at any time relinquishing all funds and future funds of any account.

Account Activation

To activate any account simply read/agree to the terms and signup for a savings card by providing an active email address.

Payment information

If your account has a balance simply click the cash out button whenever desired and start your payment on its way, there is a $25 minimum account balance required to receive a payment.
When any account is cashed out, we try to process the payment within the first 24 hours. Although circumstances such as holidays and or weekends could delay the process up to 72 hours.

Required Information

We require minimum personal information for account creation and to process electronic payments. If you have a PayPal account we require an email address that the PayPal account is linked with, so we can process your payment(s). If you choose to be paid by gift card, a name, address and Phone number will be required for payment(s) to be processed.

Account updates

Under normal circumstances accounts are updated every Wednesday of each week. Occasionally a holiday or technical difficulty could delay this process.

Malicious Actions/ Account Terminations

Under no circumstances is any issued Savings Card account holder or associates allowed to pass out savings card/coupons on pharmacy property or contact any Pharmacist by any means concerning the Savings Card. This is considered malicious and any account(s) associated will immediately be terminated forfeiting all funds and future funds associated to the account(s).

If any issued Savings Cards are not used within 90 days of account creation, the account may be terminated and the savings card may be re-issued.

We Won't Ask

We maintain a don't ask-don't tell policy! Meaning, We don't want or need any extra personal information of yours such as: dates of birth, gender, place of employment, kids or grandkids names, pets names, school or mortgage information, ETC. We won't ask, if you don't tell and trust us we won't ask unless normal day to day business transactions require us to do so.


All account(s) will be subject to taxes paid to the IRS for any earnings over $599 annually. To avoid delayed payments, if your account is nearing the $599 threshold visit https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf Fill out the IRS form and return to us by mail or E-mail. If you’re annual earnings total $599 or more we must receive a completed W-9 form before we can send any payment.